Dragon Prince Yuan (Yuan Zun) Adapted into Donghua

From the author of Battle Through The Heavens and Martial Universe, here comes another Chinese anime (donghua) that we should all look forward to from Tencent’s upcoming lineup of works for 2022 and 2023; that is Dragon Prince Yuan or also known as Venerable Yuan.

Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan is another one of those Chinese cultivation donghua that will defy all the odds and promises to deliver an exciting ride through bloodshed and action-packed adventure.

It follows a story of a prince who seems to lose all hope in life, his clan is in decline, his cultivation had been halted, making him unable to cultivate like the others, his bloodline and home got torn apart, and his fate is sealed as a sacrificial pawn.


He has only three years left, his cultivation meridians sealed, bloodline hunted down, homeland torn apart, and his fate—to be devoured by the sparrow and python. Unable to train as ordinary cultivators do, he picks up a brush and rewrites his destiny.

Source: MangaToon

As I’ve mentioned above, the upcoming donghua is adapted from a novel by Heavenly Silkworm Potato, the author behind popular shows such as Battle Through The Heavens, Martial Universe, and The Great Ruler; and Dragon Prince Yuan had been set in the same universe too but the timeline is far from any of the other three novels.

Dragon Prince Yuan donghua adaptation had been first announced during the 2021 Tencent Video Animation Conference and it was further confirmed a year after during the 2022 edition of the said event from Tencent where the Chinese giant company unveiled its list of upcoming projects for the rest of 2022 and beyond.

It was listed along with popular returning donghua sequels from Tencent such as Martial Universe Season 4, The King’s Avatar Season 3, White Cat Legend Season 2, Stellar Transformations Season 5, and Song of the Broadsword Season 2.

Shanghai Motion Magic is handling the production of the Dragon Prince Yuan adaptation. With this fact, we can expect it’ll be an amazing show since the same studio is behind the awesome first and second seasons of Martial Universe, and the recent seasons of Battle Through The Heavens which have gotten popular because of their absolutely stunning fight scenes. Meanwhile, producing the series are Tencent Penguin Pictures and WinFuture Media.

If you wish to get updates about Dragon Prince Yuan donghua adaptation, you may check its official outlets on Weibo and Tencent Video.

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