Feature: My Top 10 Chinese Anime of 2022 So Far…

We’re now in mid-year and it’s about time to check which shows are the best Chinese anime of 2022 so far. We had been treated to some exciting and fascinating rides this year and those are undeniably among the best that we had seen in the Chinese animation industry.

In fact, I have come up here with my top 10 Chinese anime of 2022 so far based on what’s been released from the Winter and Spring lineup, I haven’t included the Summer lineup yet since it’s quite early to decide yet whether something is good or bad from it.

My Top 10 Chinese Anime of 2022 So Far

Without further ado, here are my top 10 Chinese anime of 2022 from the winter and spring lineup and why you guys should check it out too.


Chinese anime yong sheng

First on my list is Immortality from Bilibili, also known as Yong Sheng or Eternity, it is a Chinese cultivation anime that follows the journey of a family slave into someone powerful enough to change the tide of the story. He acquired powers through fortunate events, joined a sect, and gets stronger, but in the process, he’ll have some sacrifices to be made. Definitely, a compelling story with great animation quality in a genre that has been quite saturated already.

Stellar Transformations Season 4

Stellar Transformations Season 4 Poster

This donghua occupied a special place in my heart and Stellar Transformations Season 4 delivered another great adventure of Qin Yu and his sworn brothers which picked directly where the previous season concluded. The story was quite rushed in such a fast-paced matter but it’s something that I can tolerate as long as the story can still be understood.

Face on Lie

Face on Lie anime

Unexpectedly good, Face on Lie is the psychological donghua I am not expecting to haunt me due to its socially relevant story and compelling ost and animation. Obviously different from our usual Chinese anime, Face on Lie explores social issues such as beauty standards, bullying, suicides, and many more.

Throne of Seal

Throne of Seal Donghua 101

From the author of Soul Land, here’s another donghua that brings the western and eastern fantasy together in a journey of saving mankind from near extinction. Adapted from the Sealed Divine Throne novel, Throne of Seal donghua promises an action-packed adventure like no other.

The Indomitable

Qian Cong Shou anime

This had been one of the biggest surprises for me this year, The Indomitable was released in January 2022 and unexpectedly, it became the best donghua that aired at that time.

Word of Honor

Jun You Yun

Adapted from a novel of the same name by Zhou Munan, this is one of the best martial arts donghua we had this year along with it the Great Journey of Teenagers (also adapted from a novel by the same author). There are plenty of action and the typical Chinese humor we often found many many wuxia stories.

Dragon’s Disciple

Dragons Disciple donghua

From the same author behind Immortality, Dragon’s Disciple is another surprise from Bilibili this 2022. It is a martial arts donghua set in a modern world with plenty of actions to entertain us all with a story strong enough to keep us in our seats.

Martial Universe Season 3

Martial Universe Season 3 Lin Dong

Lin Dong’s return in Martial Universe Season 3 had been quite surprising, especially with the studio change, the viewers had been caught off guard by the different animation quality and pacing. Despite these changes, Martial Universe remains an exciting ride to watch especially for fans of the cultivation genre.

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Great Journey of Teenagers Season 2 Part 2

The exciting journey of young adventures had been a fascinating ride, especially for fans of Chinese wuxia anime. The Great Journey of Teenagers truly excels in delivering a youthful adventure that seeks greatness or simply experiences what Jianghu has to offer.


ShiKong Zhi Xi anime

Here comes a 2D donghua from Bilibili and the studio behind The Founder of Diabolism. Rift is a stunning action and fantasy story that deals with space-time tropes and all the exciting elements that comes with it.

Honorable Mentions

Further down the list of my top 10 Chinese anime of 2022 are The Last Summoner, All Saints Street Season 3, Painting Rivers and Lakes Season 5, Soul of the Soldier Master, and the isekai donghua, My Journey in an Alternate World.

I haven’t included the long-running series in the list such as Soul Land, Perfect World, and A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality but once I published my year-end post, that’s time I will include them along with the donghua that was released this year.

Now, would you kindly let us know which one is your favorite donghua of 2022 so far? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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