The King’s Avatar Season 3 Donghua Unveiled its Intense 2nd Trailer

Get ready for the biggest hype from one of our all-time favorite Chinese anime coming over soon as The King’s Avatar Season 3 has unveiled its 2nd trailer. The very first new updates since it was officially announced during the Tencent annual event last year. Now, a year after, its production team has revealed a new trailer with an even better glimpse at the new events happening soon as well as a lit key poster for the new season of the series during this year’s Tencent Video Animation Conference that took place last August 8, 2022.

Ye Xiu The King's Avatar Season 3

The King’s Avatar Season 3 Trailer 2

Let’s take a look at the 2nd trailer for The King’s Avatar Season 3 which gives us a further look into the upcoming fight of Ye Xiu and his new team Happy as they take a shot at that chance of entering the Glory Professional Arena through Challengers League. And guess what? They’re the biggest hindrance in Ye Xiu’s former team, the relegated Excellent Era which is coming stronger too with the addition of a Master Tactician in their rank and that is Xiao Shiqin.

Upon watching the trailer, it really brings back a lot of memories and nostalgic feelings. The very essence of watching Ye Xiu and the gang in action once again, harnessing their skills, making tactics, and everything an e-sports team should be just gives off so much hype, the same old hype that we had when the donghua just first started airing in 2017.

If you guys can remember, the first trailer for The King’s Avatar was released last year and it only feels like a teaser for the grand war that is about to unfold. And this new trailer simply raises that excitement to a higher level as it brings forth new footage that we should all look forward to in the upcoming season of the donghua.

New Key Poster

Aside from the 2nd trailer, a new key visual for The King’s Avatar Season 3 was also unveiled. While last year’s poster features Ye Xiu alone who actually looks even younger, this time around, we have a lit new poster featuring the entire gang of Team Happy.

The King's Avatar Season 3 Poster (via Tencent Video Animation 2022 Conference)

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The King’s Avatar had been one of the most popular Chinese anime in years since it first started airing in 2017, taking the lead as one of the gateway series of many new donghua fans. Now, it’s been almost two years since the previous season ended in December of 2020 and we are all craving for its return since after all, the previous season only serves as the appetizer and the preparation for the bigger war that is about to unfold in The King’s Avatar Season 3 where Team Happy will fight various teams and Excellent Era to get the 1 ticket to the professional league.

Colored-Pencil Animation is returning as the studio, therefore, we can expect the same or even better quality from the last season and the prequel film from 2019. The studio is also behind some of Tencent’s most anticipated upcoming works such as Biao Ren: Blades of the Guardians, and Silent House; both series were further re-confirmed during the Tencent Video Animation 2022 Conference.

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