Bai Yao Pu Season 4 Updates: Will The Heavy-drama Supernatural Donghua Get a New Sequel?

The 3rd season of Bai Yao Pu or what we all called Fairies Album or The Manual of Hundred Demons had officially ended, and with another sad and heartbreaking drama as usual since the donghua thrives in delivering a such story. It left us all with a huge question, will there be a Bai Yao Pu Season 4?

Bai Yao Pu Anime Donghua

Bai Yao Pu Season 4 Updates

Upon the conclusion of the 3rd season, we haven’t received any updates or announcements that Bai Yao Pu Season 4 is in production, unlike the other donghua on which some news was unveiled upon its finale like Spare Me, Great Lord! or No Doubt In Us. Nonetheless, with how the story ended, we can only conclude that Tao Yao’s journey is far from over. After all, she haven’t found the missing booklet that contained the information about various spirits, hence, the titular Bai Yao Pu.

Manual of Hundred Demons (2020)
Manual of Hundred Demons (2020)

However, we can only wait until the annual Bilibili Conference for 2022 on which they unveiled their list of upcoming donghua projects for the rest of the year as well as next year, we might get updates about Bai Yao Pu Season 4 in the event since all the previous seasons of the donghua were announced that way.

Well, Bai Yao Pu Season 4 is just another of the donghua sequels that we are all waiting to be finally confirmed along with our other favorites such as The Last Summoner Season 2 and many more.

Bai Yao Pu Season 2

Bai Yao Pu is a Chinese donghua that was based on the web novel of the same title, it is also known by other titles such as The Manual of Hundred Demons, Fairies Album, or Hundred Demon Spectrum. It first aired in 2020 on Bilibili, then it was followed by a 2nd season in July 2021, and the recently concluded 3rd season last July 2022.

The donghua follows the journey of Tao Yao, a divine doctor only who cures or heals supernatural creatures and spirits, and the special bonds they shared with humans and other spirits. In the process, we get to learn their story, the tragedy, and somehow, a reflection on human moral standards. She was accompanied by her two companions, a powerful serpent demon, and a young monk.

I must say that Bai Yao Pu Season 3 is my favorite of all the seasons of the donghua. The story keeps on getting better from season 1 until season 3, thus, giving us a consistent drama and supernatural dive into Chinese lore and traditions. While its formula of narration can be repetitive, Bai Yao Pu never fails to deliver so much feels hilarious humor, and heartfelt stories.

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