Chinese Donghua Wu Geng Ji Season 4 Part 2 (The Legend and the Hero) Release & Updates

Wu Geng Ji has been one of the most prominent among Chinese 3D donghua albeit it was quite left behind by its contemporaries such as Soul Land and Battle Through The Heavens, however, its popularity still held that high domestically and is still one of Tencent’s biggest titles in their lineup.

Wu Geng Ji Season 4 Part 2

Now, many people might be asking some questions about it such as – When is the release of Wu Geng Ji Season 4 Part 2? Are there Wu Geng Ji Season 5? or simply When is Wu Geng Ji Season 4 release date? These are only among the most common questions that fans often ask, and they can be applied even to other donghua and anime.

The thing is that some viewers aren’t aware yet that Wu Geng Ji Season 4 already started airing last year on which the first part was released by Tencent on July 22, 2021; which run for 24 episodes until December 23 that year.

Wu Geng Ji Season 4

Another thing is that people do not know that Wu Geng Ji Season 4 is divided into 2 cour, hence, some people are already asking about the release date of Wu Geng Ji Season 5. The good thing is that Wu Geng Ji Season 4 Part 2 has just been reconfirmed by Tencent during their annual conference with the most recent taking place on August 8, 2022.

Wu Geng Ji Season 4 Part 2 was listed among the upcoming donghua sequels alongside Stellar Transformations Season 5, Martial Universe Season 4, and Spare Me, Great Lord Season 2. The announcement also comes with a new promotional video for Wu Geng Ji Season 4 Part 2 which will definitely make the fans hyped for the series.

Wu Geng Ji Season 4 Part 2 PV

Furthermore, Wu Geng Ji Season 4 Part 2 had been scheduled for release on January 3, 2023 as part of the winter donghua lineup from Tencent on which it will air for 18 episodes until April 25, 2023.

The donghua also known as The Legend and the Hero, and Chronicles of the God’s Order; was adapted from the popular Chinese web novel Feng Shen Ji by Jianhe Zheng. The current season is adapted from the 3rd book of the novel, Feng Shen Ji III.