The 2022 Chinese Anime Lineup from YOUKU

Tencent and Bilibili might have been the popular Chinese anime producers that many donghua viewers are quite familiar with but outside of their circle, there are other companies to watch out for.

One of them is YOUKU which is actually a bigger company than Bilibili and produced some of the most beloved and well-received donghua in recent years albeit, some of their works may not be as popular as those from Tencent and Bilibili outside of China. But locally, they definitely occupied a large portion of the viewer’s market in Chinese animation.

2022 chinese anime lineup youku

YOUKU is known for the donghua such as The Great Journey of Teenagers, the remastered version of Qin’s Moon, the 2021’s xinxia series Supreme Galaxy to name a few.

The 2022 Chinese anime lineup of Tencent and Bilibili have officially rolled down last January with some of the biggest titles there is out there such as Stellar Transformations Season 4, Song of the Broadsword Specials, Painting Rivers and Lakes Season 5, Knights on Debris Season 2, and Qian Cong Shou.

Furthermore, we still have some big leftovers from last year such as Purple River, A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality Season 2, and Spare Me, Great Lord! Nonetheless, YOUKU also has its own set of donghua which had been released in 2022 and some before the previous year ended. Therefore, the first quarter of 2022 is filled with interesting series with various stories that donghua viewers can dig even more.

Therefore, we would like to share the Chinese anime lineup of YOUKU this 2022 that you guys should not miss to watch and add to your watchlist.

2022 Chinese anime lineup of YOUKU

Great Journey of Teenagers Season 2 Part 2

Shaonian Ge Xing Feng Hua Xue Yue Pian Part 2
Shaonian Ge Xing Feng Hua Xue Yue Pian Part 2

Shaonian Ge Xing: Feng Hua Xue Yue Pian Part 2 | Alright, leading the pack and probably the most popular Chinese anime from YOUKU in this lineup, Shaonian Ge Xing continues the 2nd season which first started last July of 2021. This is a collaboration between YOUKU and Bilibili.

Return of Gods

Zhu Tian Ji anime
Zhu Tian Ji

Zhu Tian Ji | Also known as Thousands of Worlds or The Era of the World, this newly released Chinese 3D anime from YOUKU and 2:10 Animation is an exciting action and fantasy-adventure story that feels like home to many fans of donghua as it shares a lot of similarities to some of the most popular titles out there.

Shaonian Bai Ma Zui Chun Feng

Shaonian Bai Ma Zui Chun Feng

This spin-off of the Great Journey of Teenagers hasn’t been released yet but this is one of the most promising upcoming donghua from YOUKU this 2022. It is co-produced by YOUKU with Mango TV and will be animated by CG Year, the studio behind Carp Reborn (Yuan Long).

Everlasting God of Sword

Wan Gu Jian Shen
Wan Gu Jian Shen

Wan Gu Jian Shen | Adapted from a web novel of the same title, Wan Gu Jian Shen is also another upcoming donghua from 2:10 Animation and YOUKU this 2022. Everlasting God of Sword donghua adaptation will bring the viewers to another exciting story in a fantasy-adventure set up with plenty of action and amazing swordplay which is going to be a feast in the eyes.

2021 Leftovers

Here are the donghua that YOUKU has released just right before 2021 ended and these series are still airing until today.

The Peak of True Martial Arts

Zhen Wu Dian Feng Donghua
Zhen Wu Dian Feng Donghua

Zhenwu Dianfeng | This martial arts and cultivation donghua was released on December 24 and had been a fascinating ride for many viewers since then. It is animated by Ruo Hong Culture and can be watched by fans on YOUKU as well as on its official channel on YouTube: YOUKU Animation.

The Legend of Sword Domain

Jian Yu Chuanqi | Another donghua from Ruo Hong Culture and YOUKU was released on November 28, 2021, and is scheduled to air until April 6, 2022.

Where to Watch These Donghua Online?

There are only 2 places on the internet to watch these Chinese anime by YOUKU officially. The first is through their official pages on YOUKU and the second is through the official YouTube channel of the producer in the following links:

Nonetheless, many fans are also posting the donghua on their respective channels on YouTube, you just have to search for the titles of the series. While some major donghua and anime websites also added these shows to their directory.

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