Legendary Twins (Juedai Shuang Jiao) Donghua is Scheduled for Release on July 25

The amazing twins Jiang Xiaoyu and Hua Wuque who will surprise the martial world are now here as the donghua adaptation of Juedai Shuang Jiao known as Legendary Twins is scheduled for release on July 25, 2022; from Tencent Penguin Pictures, Tencent Pictures, and Studio BYMENT.

Legendary Twins donghua

Legendary Twins Release Date

The donghua was first announced as part of the 2022 lineup from Tencent Video Animation, and it was listed as early as the last quarter of 2021 that the donghua will be released this year. However, it took several months until we get the official announcement that Legendary Twins is slated for release this July 25.

It will be one of the few yet powerful lineup of Chinese anime from Tencent this July, joining the ranks of A Will Eternal Season 2, Battle Through The Heavens: The Origin, and Battle Through The Heavens Season 5: Nian fan.

The donghua is adapted from the 1960s classic wuxia novel Juedai Shuangjiao by Gu Long, who is known for writing some of the most popular wuxia novels like Xiaoli Feidao, and Lu Xiaofeng. Unlike his contemporaries, his works are not only influenced by Chinese history and cultures but also foreign ideologies and such can be somehow seen in Legendary Twins although, most of the elements in this donghua are often found in many Chinese wuxia donghua.


“Peerless Double Pride” is the first domestic animation work adapted from Mr. Gu Long’s novel of the same name. The work describes the fateful entanglement of a pair of twin brothers who love and kill each other: 17 years ago, “the richest man in the world” Jiang Feng and his expecting wife were chased by the twelve astrological signs of thieves in the rivers and lakes and gave birth to a pair of twins before they died. Among them, one was taken to the Valley of the Wicked with his cheeks cut, and the other was taken to the Palace of Flowers, a forbidden area of ​​martial arts. Years later, the knife-scarred boy Jiang Xiaoyu was raised by the five villains in the valley of villains and determined to become “the number one…

Source: Bilibili

The novel was adapted into many works such as dramas and films before but this is the first time that it will be adapted into an animated work, hence, we can expect that it’ll be action-packed, especially since its studio is the same production team behind Xi Xing Ji (The Westward). Yes, studio BYMENT is animating Legendary Twins and the donghua is slated for 18 episodes in total which will air from July 25 until November 24, 2022.

The donghua has recently unveiled a set of promotional teaser trailers which introduced the audiences to different characters from the donghua.

Legendary Twins will also showcase familiar voice actors as some of the most recognizable donghua seiyuus are working in this adaptation which include Su Shanqing, Zhang Fuzheng, Li Shimeng, Ajie, Jin Xian, Liu Cong, Gu Jiangshan, and Tute Hameng to name a few.

If you wish to watch Legendary Twins, you can check its official page on Tencent Video and also get updates directly from its Weibo page.

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