Martial Universe Season 4 (Wu Dong Qian Kun) Donghua Updates

Is Martial Universe Season 4 been officially announced? This had been the question of many fans of the popular Chinese cultivation donghua, especially since the 3rd season is now only 1 episode away from its finale. After all, Battle Through The Heavens: Yuanqi is scheduled to replace it on its Sunday timeslot starting July 17, thus, we can expect that Martial Universe Season 3 will end on July 10, 2022.

Martial Universe season 4

Many fans are waiting for the big fight between Lin Dong and Lin Langtian but it seems it is not the right time yet and we have to wait for that until Martial Universe Season 4 had been officially confirmed and released. So far, we had only seen Lin Dong continues his journey and strengthen himself in preparation for the big fight while also gaining both new allies and foes along the way such as the Great Demon Sect and Hidden Puppet Sect.

Martial Universe Season 4

It seems that Martial Universe Season 3 will set to end with Lin Dong taking the Ancient Runes from the Sect Master of Hidden Puppet Sect. Nonetheless, we still have to find out what are the other gains that Lin Dong acquired from the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet as well as on the Great Desolate Ancient Origin.

Nonetheless, the upcoming Martial Universe Season 4 will surely highlight Lin Dong’s attempt at the Ancient Rune from the Hidden Puppet Sect also known as Ghastly Puppet Cult as Martial Universe Season 3 Episode 11 is around the 280th chapter of the novel.

Therefore, what may come next in Martial Universe Season 4 will include his assault on the Hidden Puppet Sect as well as Lin Dong’s return to the highly anticipated event, the Clan Gathering where many exciting happenings, revelations and surprises will unfold.

While we are all waiting for the official announcement, we should not miss watching the finale of the 3rd season as the production committee behind the series led by DC Impression Vision might reveal news as well as PVs about Martial Universe Season 4, just like what happened during the finale of Martial Universe Season 2 in 2020.

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